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The interaction of the activities and processes in Herti-M presumes a proper place for the technologies applied by the company in its everyday work. Taking into consideration the complete range of the production of capsules – from the colouring and formatting  the basic materials up to the modeling of the articles, the company has at its disposal various machines and technologies.

Information ЕRP system

    The introduced ERP information system covers all the functions within the company.
    It allows access of the clients to the processes of management in real time
        Orders – their taking and tracking their status
        Information about the sales and the finance

Machines for colouring and formatting of films

    Machines for rotogravure и flexo print of PVC, aluminum and poly-laminate films
    The machines are equipped with sections for cutting which allows formatting of the films in the process of printing.
    At this stage of production the films are printed in standard colours, colours by the Pantone scale, personalized inscriptions and logos according to the individual requirements of the clients and are cut in the desired dimensions.
    The already printed and cut films are kept in special storage rooms protected from the direct sun light and having insignificant fluctuations of the optimal work temperature.

Machines for productions of capsules

    Machines for productions of capsules from PVC, PET and poly-laminate films
        PVC capsules
            Diameter from 25 to 42 мм
            Height from 30 to 80 мм
            Hot print on Board of capsule and top Disc – 1 colour
            Relief on Top disc and coloring  – 1 colour
            Tear off band– horizontal/vertical
            Horizontal/vertical perforation
        Polylaminate capsules
            Diameter from 27.3 to 32 мм
            Height from 40 to 75 мм
            Hot print on Board of capsule and top – 1 colour
            Relief on Top disc and coloring  – 1 colour
            Horizontal double perforation
Herti-M Ltd takes pride in

    Its fast growth
    The continuously increasing number of satisfied and happy clients
    Its motivated and persevering team achieving its goals through continuous motion always looking for new challenges.
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