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Machine for production PVC capsules
Herti-M Ltd.
Machine for production PVC capsules
Technical characteristics for
Machine for the production of heat shrinkable capsules type MK-8

The machine is designed for the production of capsules from PVC foil. The capsule can be with top cap, horizontal tear-off strip, hot imprint of the skirts, embossed image of the top cap.
Productive capacity of the machine 100 …150 capsules/min depending on the type of the capsule.
The machine consists of a main part, which might be extended with separate sections, giving more variety of the capsules produced.


1.1. Nominal productivity                120 capsules/min.
2. Capacity of the magazine                20 stacks х 800 mm Standard thickness of the PVC foil             0,075 mm
4. Minimum thickness of the aluminum foil         0,060 mm
5. Opening of the rollers spools: <br />
-РVС foil for capsules                      Ø 70 mm
-РVС foil for the tear-off strip            Ø 70 mm
-Al foil for the tear-off strip                Ø 70 mm
-Tape for the top cap                     Ø 70 mm
-Foil for hot imprint                      Ø 25 mm
6. Maximum diameter of the roller for:
-РVС foil for capsules                  Ø 450 mm
-РVС foil for the  tear-off strip            Ø 280 mm
-Al foil for the  tear-off strip              Ø 220 mm
-Tape for the top cap                   Ø 360 mm
-Foil for  hot imprint                  Ø 100 mm
7. Consumed electric power                up to 5 kW
8. Three phase electric voltage                380 V
9. Air pressure                         5 - 6 ваr
10. Air consumption                     up to 50 m3/h
11. Temperature in the working room             +15оС …. +30оС
12. The machine can operate up to 2000 m above sea level.

This is an 8-positioned machine for capsules. It consists of three technologically connected parts and electric panel.

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