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Thermotunnel for PVC capsules
Herti-M Ltd. - Thermo-Tunnel for PVC capsules
Thermo-Tunnel for PVC capsules

The thermo-tunnel has been made to shrink decorative PVC capsules, placed on top of the bottles, by blowing them with hot air. The tunnel is made from stainless metal and the stand is made from steel.

      The tunnel has been equipped with four heaters and a centrifuge fan that makes the hot air in the tunnel move. It can be used for all widely used capsule diameters up to Ø36 mm. The intergraded micro-processing regulator RT185 makes it more safe and easy to use.

       Our company has many years of experience and knowledge in the area of developing and manufacturing machines and technologies for automatic placement of our products.

        Our engineers have designed, manufactured, programmed, installed on the spot and are supporting thermo-tunnels and other machines used for automatic placement.

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