Machines and equipment

Given the full scope of capsule production & ndash; from the coloring and dimensioning of the base materials to the molding of the products, the company has a variety of machines and technologies.

Coloring and film formatting machines
  • deep printing and flexo printing on PVC, aluminum and polylaminate film.
  • The machines are equipped with longitudinal cutting sections, which allow the film to be formatted during the printing process.
  • At this production stage films are printed in standard colors, Pantone scale colors with personalized logo and individual logo according to customer requirements and are cut to the desired size.
  • Printed and cut films are stored in special warehouses protected from direct sunlight and with minor fluctuations in the optimal operating temperature.
Capsule making machines

PVC, PET and polylaminated film capsule making machines

PVC capsules

  • 25 to 42 mm diameter
  • 30 to 80 mm height
  • Hot stamping on the board and lid & ndash; 1 color
  • cover relief and coloring & ndash; up to 3 colors
  • tear strip & ndash; horizontal / vertical
  • horizontal / vertical perforation

Polyalamine capsules

  • diameter 27.2 to 33 mm
  • Height from 40 to 75 mm
  • Hot print on board and lid & ndash; 1 color
  • cover relief and coloring & ndash; up to 3 colors
  • Horizontal Double Perforation with Tongue
The Artemis Qualified and Motivated Team applies & uses & nbsp; advanced technologies and equipment to ensure:
  • Full process quality control. & bdquo; Artemis & rdquo; Ltd. is certified according to EN ISO 9001: 2008
  • Short deadlines for designing, matching and making test specimens and / or executing orders
  • Products in excellent quality / price ratio
Information System
  • Orders & ndash; receiving and tracking their status and condition
  • Sales and Finance Information
Design and Prepress preparation
Machines and Equipment

The team of Artemis Ltd is proud of its innovation oriented activity, as a result of which new and original solutions for the existing products are continually being implemented and the production list of the offered products is expanded.

  • Caps closure control Stands
  • Rupture strength checkers
  • Color control spectrophotometer
  • Tester of Strength Features of MET PET Film
  • Digital Thickness Monitor
  • Residual Solvent Control Gas Chromatograph
  • stand for friction coefficient
  • Bag-in-Box seams test stand


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