About us

Our history began in 1993 with our first attempts to produce wine bottle capsules.

Years of work, with determination, much love, and & nbsp; hunger to learn makes the company well known and accepted in various geographic markets.

We are constantly learning from our customers' new requirements and the complexity of their needs has forced investments followed by rapid growth of our team and company. & nbsp;


Driven by the constant desire to satisfy our customers in 2007, we added metal caps and Bag in Box to our portfolio.

The work on the continuous improvement, the improvement of the team and the processes in our company, resulted in the high quality of the products produced by us, led by с  many happy clients.

We are proud that the whole process from creating and developing the design to obtaining the final product is under our constant control.

In 2015. We invested in new products barrier and non-barrier films for the food and packaging industry.

Today we work with customers across a wide geographic perimeter and we focus our attention on markets where we see opportunities to have new happy customers.

The wide range of services we offer is related to the fact that we want to satisfy the needs of everyone.

Everyday we work what we love, and with our boundless curiosity   and a desire to learn we increase the number of happy customers of the company, not forgetting that everything done with love will leave its traces in history.



Bulgaria, Shumen, 9704, Industrial park

fax: +359 54 974183

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