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“Herti-M" Ltd is a Bulgarian family-owned company designed for the marketing and sales of packaging materials for the wine and food  industries.


"Herti-M" Ltd is specialized in:

  • Investment in shares of companies designed in the manufacturing of packaging materials for the wine and food industries.
  • Manufacture of Wine bottle Heat Shrink PVC capsules and Polylaminated wine bottle capsules, capsules for alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, capsules for oil, vinegar, water and etc.
  • Colouring and formatting of materials for production of Capsules - PVC & Polylaminated.
  • Design, building, manufacturing and servicing of machines for automation and modernization of the processes related to the capsules application.

High quality of the manufactured by us products and services is guaranteed by:

  • Continuous improvement of the systems, processes and procedures in our overall activity.
  • Continuous training and development of our employee,s to reach there full potential.
  • Strict adhearance to the procedures and requirements of the systems for quality management  ISO 9001

Our company provides excellent service to our products via:

  • Consulting with our clients in creating a entire packing system for there products.
  • Assistance, guidance and advice to the client with the decission making process for the most suitable type of capsule/s and appropriate design ,colour and combination.
  • Technical and technological aid in the process of choosing the equipment for applying, shrinking and modeling of the capsules.
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